Robot Party

I know, I’m just terrible at keeping this site updated.  I used to make fun of my mom for her computer/technology illiteracy, but now it’s starting to pass ME by!  I usually keep my Facebook fanpage a little more current, so look me up and ‘Like’ it!  Make sure to look for “Short & Sweets” (with ampersand… the other one is a different company).


I’ve been keeping pretty busy being a Mommy to my little guy the past couple years (still doing cakes and cake bites on the side).  It’s definitely a full-time job, but my favorite role to date.  It’s no surprise that I would pour all of my best efforts into his birthday celebrations.  It’s kind of my way of saying, “Yay!  I survived an entire year!” haha  Here is the cake I made for his most recent birthday.  My nephew’s birthday is just a few days away from his, so I combined their birthdays into one party.  Hence the “2″ and “8″ candles.  No, I’m most definitely not old enough to have a 28-year-old son!   That is an actual scrolling LED screen that read “HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAYKOB & IAN!!!”   It was an experiment in mixed media and I loved it!  I don’t know how many times I had to tell people that day, “YES!  That is really a cake!!”

To serve the other 90+ guests, I made cake-in-a-jars in the 100 baby food jars I had saved up over the past year.


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